How to use ImageMagick

Using ImageMagick Convert Mogrify Aspect Ratio ImageMagick is a software suite that can be used to manipulate images. In order to use it with InMotion Hosting web hosting servers, you would need to use code such as PHP or execute a command in SSH. The following article will describe how to find and use ImageMagick Read More >

Installable Software Reference

In this tutorial: Incompatible Software Installable Software Request Installation Our System Administration team can in many cases install software on your behalf. The system’s team will provide you a quote before completing the install if the price has changed or if there are any complications. VERY IMPORTANT! This list is a subject to change without Read More >

Is GD Library installed on the server?

GD Library is a program installed on the server that allows programs to manipulate graphics. GD (Graphics Draw) can create images using line, arcs, texts, and multiple colors. GD is extensively used with PHP, so you can manipulate images in your PHP coding. Is GD Library installed? Yes, GD library is already installed on all Read More >

Is Django supported?

Django is a “high-level Python web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.” Django is designed to focus on automation allowing the developer to build high-performance elegant Web applications quickly. For more information on Django – please see their official website: Django can be installed on VPS and Dedicated accounts and does Read More >

Do you support Mod_Rewrite?

The quick answer is yes! Mod_rewrite is a rule based rewrite engine that handles rewriting URL’s on the fly. If you have set up a re-direct within cPanel, you have unwittingly used mod_rewrite to create a rule in your .htaccess file. If you need further assistance with mod_rewrite please feel free to contact our support department.

What Version of ______ am I Running?

Our support department receives a large amount of contacts concerning verisons of Apache, MySQL, and PHP that are running on the servers. We have many different configurations so the server you’re on can have different combinations of versions. Finding out the information is quite easy.   The first step is to log into your site’s Read More >

Is ImageMagick installed on my server?

This article answers the important question: Is ImageMagick installed on my server? ImageMagick allows you to dynamically create and edit images on the server. It will need to be ran from the command line as none of the API’s are installed. ImageMagick is already available for utilization on the servers. It is located at: /usr/bin/convert Read More >