Measuring For Keyword Relevance (WordPress SEO)

Date: 09/18/2019  About 2 minutes to read It’s easy to generate long lists of potential keywords for your site. These are the terms people might use to find your website in a search engine. But how do you know if the keywords you’ve selected are relevant for your site? Keyword relevance is an important factor to Read More >

How to Add Custom Fields to a WordPress Theme

Did you know that you could add custom data to posts in WordPress? Technically, we’re talking about metadata, which is basically data about data. With WordPress, you can add metadata to a post using “custom fields”. Using custom fields basically lets you add more information about a post. WordPress lets you display custom metadata alongside Read More >

342: Finding your WordPress database name

When using the Softaculous tool to install your WordPress, a database name is created for you by default. Many people do not even notice this setting since it is already entered and therefore do not remember the database name. You may, however, need to recall this name later on, especially when troubleshooting or when you Read More >