Installing your first BoldGrid Site

After installing BoldGrid onto your account and going through the introduction, you will be ready to begin building your first site. The instructions below take you through this process step by step.

How to Install your First BoldGrid Site

  1. Login to the Dashboard
  2. Click on Inspirations.
    Creating first BoldGrid Inspiration

  3. Select if you want to install an Active site or a Staging site. Below is a description of the options.
    Creating a site in BoldGrid for WordPress

    Actve SiteAn Active site is the website that everyone sees when click on on your domain name. Changes made to an Active site are immediately available to be see on the public-facing website.
    Staging SiteA Staging site is a website is used for creating a site that will eventually be active. This allows you to create a website that no one will see until you have finished creating it.
  4. Next, you will need to select the Category that you will use to build your site. When you click on the category, you will see a check mark appear. Click on the button labeled Select to proceed.
    BoldGrid Cateogyr Select

  5. On the next screen-roll your mouse over the design you want to use, then click the Select button. You will also see a line labeled Coin Budget. BoldGrid Coins or Coins for short, are the unit of currency used to purchase licensed content. (The Coin Budget goes up to 80 coins, though you can always purchase more in the Transactions menu. The Coin Budget allows you to sort through the available designs that are near your selected budget. You can also click on Show All or Free).
    Choosing a BoldGrid Theme

  6. When you click on the design you intend to use, you will then be asked to choose the Page Set for that design. There are two default page sets for every theme: Base and Kitchen Sink. There may be other options depending on the chosen theme.

    Base – standard page set with the most common pages

    Kitchen Sink – all of the pages included with the category. You can customize pages as needed.

    Choose the Page Set that you want to use and then click on Select to proceed.

  7. At the far right of the page, click on Select in order to finalize the design and page set that you have selected. You can also click on Preview in order to preview the design.
  8. At this point, you are given a small window that congratulates you on having completed the beginning steps for creating your website with BoldGrid. This is the last screen before it commits the design that you have selected. Click on Install this website to complete the Inspiration installation.
  9. Once the installation is completed you will see a few paragraphs of text explaining the next phase in the development of your website: Customization. Click on Continue to your Dashboard in order to start making custom changes to your website.

That completes the loading of your first BoldGrid site. Step 1 allows you to select a Staging option if it is available to you. The main difference with working in the Staging environment is that anyone viewing your domain URL will not see the changes that you have made to the website until you have deployed the website. As the administrator, you can always view the Staging site using the provided BoldGrid interfaces.

You can check out the official article on Installing your First Inspiration on the BoldGrid Support Center.

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Thoughts on “Installing your first BoldGrid Site

  • I installed BOLDGRID on my new website, selected an inspiration, edited the home page, viewed my changes but somehoe I can’t publish the changes to my account. In the AMP, I see the web address I installed BOLDGRID on with three buttons for ADMIN, VIEW, LAUNCH. If I click on ADMIN or VIEW I get an ERROR 500 message. If I select LAUNCH, I see an error message that my “site was not launched, contact support.” 

    What Should I do?

    • Hello,

      It sounds like you are getting a 500 error on your site which is commonly caused by permission errors or incorrect PHP configurations. I would recommend contacting technical support so they can look into the issue for you.

      Best Regards,
      Kyle M

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