Which WordPress Themes Are Best for Dedicated Server Accounts?

November 14, 2019 2:07 Minutes To Read Companies always ask whether their requirements merit the need for Dedicated Hosting. While there’s no standard answer to this question, a big part of the decision is whether you want to pay a little extra to ensure minimal downtime, high functionality, optimal support, plenty of storage, high speed Read More >

QuickStarter – Filling out the Design Form

When you are filling in the QuickStarter design form, it’s important to provide as much detail as possible for us to understand your business or website purpose. In this guide, we will go over some of the important details to include when filling out the QuickStarter design form. Filling out the Design Form Keep in Read More >

Understanding Markdown

Many applications use the Markdown markup language – Grav, Github, MatterMost, and Slack – in lieu of HyperText Markup Language (HTML). Below we cover commonly used Markdown tags. Markdown Basics Attribute Code Result Blockquote > Blockquote Text Blockquote Blockquote with Multiple Paragraphs > Blockquote 1 > > Blockquote 2 Text Blockquote 1 Blockquote 2 Bold Read More >

Unobtrusive Design Studio WordPress theme by Template Monster

In this article, we will introduce you to the Unobtrusive Design Studio WordPress theme by Template Monster and teach you how to fully configure it on your WordPress site. This theme is excellent for any design portfolio and is extremely extensive. What it looks like Downloading and installing the Unobtrusive Design Studio theme First, you Read More >

Can the Builder meet my website building needs?

If you have no experience with programming a website and you need a quick solution without much need for control, then the Plesk Premium Web Builder (or Builder for short) may be the solution for you. The Builder is a capable solution that can let you put together a quick website using preformatted solutions for Read More >

Adding the Bootstrap Menu Buttons to your Responsive Template

Now that you have Bootstrap set up on your Responsive Template, you can use the code provided by Bootstrap to style your site. Bootstrap has a premade set of buttons and menus that you can use in your site. You can see what the look like in the snapshot to the right.In this tutorial, we Read More >

Adding the Bootstrap files to your Responsive Template

Once you have the Bootstrap Theme Roller created and downloaded. You will need to add the files to your website. The image to the right shows what the responsive template looks like before you add the Bootstrap Theme. You can compare what the theme looks like before the bootstrap is added and after in the Read More >

Free Responsive Templates with jQuery Theme Roller styles

You can create your own custom Responsive Template using the jQuery Theme Roller. We have created some premade themes for your Responsive Template. Below are the premade themes you can get in the Theme Roller Gallery. Feel free to download these and edit them as you see fit. You can also learn how to create Read More >