The Jamstack and Small Business

As small business owner, it pays to be curious about new web technologies. It’s important to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. In recent years a bewildering variety of front-end web design frameworks have gained popularity. WordPress remains the most popular content management system (CMS) for small businesses. New technologies like the Read More >

Quality Python Programming Resources for Beginners

Python is a great ‘first’ programming language. Python is easy to read and easy to install on all popular platforms. A beginner will have no trouble getting started; experienced professionals will be able to pick up Python with ease. Programmers use the language in numerous disciplines. Working on a server, running the back end of Read More >

How to Successfully Complete the Web Design Process — Communication is Key

Communication is the key to a successful web design process. When working with another person or a team of people, maintaining healthy, constructive communication will assist in project completion and ensure your needs are met.  This is true for the web designer or web design team as well. Focusing on positive communication will keep the Read More >

How Small Businesses Can Use Canva To Brand Their Business

Creating a recognizable brand for your small business is an important step towards longevity and success. When you think about Nike, your first thought is probably the swoosh. Or when you see a blue bird icon, you know it represents Twitter. This is no mistake. Branding helps us remember a business even we cannot remember Read More >

What To Do After Your Website Launches

After weeks of development and revisions, your website is finally launched and ready for the world to see! But what’s next? Even though your website is live, your work is not finished. You should be monitoring and updating your website for search engine optimization, ease of use, and general promotion and awareness. The most effective Read More >