Add an About Me Section to Grav Pages

When you create a blog, an About me section helps add personality to your content and brand. Below we cover how to add an About Me section to a Grav page.

Add About Me Section

  1. Log into Grav.
  2. Install the “About Me” plugin.
    Install About Me plugin
  3. Edit your About Me section.
    About Me plugin settings
  4. Save your changes in the upper-right.
  5. Create or edit a page.
  6. Add {% include ‘partials/aboutme.html.twig’ %} in the content section where you’d like to include the About section.
  7. Override twig settings.
    Normal mode: in the advanced tab, check the Twig checkbox beside Process
    Expert mode: in the content tab, add the following to the bottom of the Frontmatter
     markdown: true
     twig: true

    Select Twig and save
    About Me plugin settings
  8. Press Save in the upper-right corner.
  9. View your website.
    page preview

Learn more about making the most of Grav with our Support Center and Markdown coding guide.

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