Helping your Designer Transfer your Website

In this article, we will show you how to help your web designer by sending them an email through your Account Management Panel (AMP). In AMP you can send an email with all the details your web designer will need to transfer your website for you. 

  1. Log into AMP
  2. Under your hosting plan, click on Account Technical Details
    amp account details
  3. Click on Email My Account Technical Info
  4. Fill out the Email you’d like to send your FTP technical account details to, then click Submit. **Note: The cpanel account password will not be sent to your designer for security reasons. You will then see a message stating “Email has been sent to designer.

If you need further assistance please feel free to ask a question in our support center.

Thoughts on “Helping your Designer Transfer your Website

  • Hi!

    So there is a site at a different host running as http//

    There is a wordpress site that i created with a temporary url (because I haven’t change the nameservers yet) in my new account here.

    So since there is free ssl, my domain here will be like https//

    Since http// runs for years, there are a lot of pages indexed by google and many of them give 404 due to changes and deletions happened..

    Also, there are a lot of changes at the structure of the new site in comparison to the old ( eg different categories and tags and media files names etc ) so upcoming more 404s

    I want to prepare 301 for those all and I would appreciate any guidance regarding.

    • We recommend using a 3rd party plugin to setup the 301 redirects in WordPress there are several available. This is because WP relies on .htaccess rules and coding redirects directly there can cause issues.

      Thank you,

  • THis video is out of date, doesn’t match the current AMP interface, and even though I was able to find the link to send the technical details to my designer, it returned an error.

    • Hello Cat B,

      Thank you for letting us know! Our AMP interface did recently get an update and it looks like we missed updating this article.

      It does also look like, as you mentioned, there is an error when the submit button is clicked for the Email My Account Technical Info option.

      Thanks again for pointing out these issues, we’ll start updating them both right now.

      – Jacob

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