Manually creating Affiliate accounts in OpenCart

You can manually create affiliate accounts in OpenCart. If you are not familiar with OpenCart’s built in Affiliate program, please see our Introduction to Affiliates in OpenCart. Creating a new affiliate account in OpenCart is easily accomplished through the OpenCart Dashboard.

How to Create Affiliate Accounts

  1. Log into your OpenCart Dashboard
  2. Go to Sales > Affiliates
  3. In the upper right corner click “Insert
  4. Now you should be on the General Tab to start. Fill in the fields
  5. Click on the Payment Details Tab and fill in the fields as needed
  6. Click “Save” and it will then be listed as an Affiliate account on the screen

    Please keep in mind, the account will need to be approved prior to the affiliate using their account. To approve accounts, please review our article on approving Affiliate accounts.

If you need further assistance please feel free to ask a question on our support center.  To find out more on using InMotion’s web hosting accounts, go to OpenCart Hosting Accounts on InMotion Hosting.

Carrie Smaha
Carrie Smaha Senior Manager Marketing Operations

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  1. Already, I went ahead and added the asyncd code in there and refreshed the cache. Its reflecting the change now. Let me know if this will trigger the crawlers now 🙂

    1. Hello Mark,

      Thanks for the question. Affiliates generally use a code to refer to the SITE. So, setting up specific rates for products would not be possible. You may want to look at OpenCart Extensions that allow you to relate discounts with affiliate recommended links. This way you can create affiliate-specific discounts. Unfortunately, this extension is NOT free,but it may provide you a way to distinguish the affiliate’s recommendation from someone who simply logs into your store directly.

      Hope that helps!

      Arnel C.

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