How to Create a Jitsi Meeting

Jitsi is a free open source live video conference web application. It doesn’t require an account and also has mobile apps for Apple and Android. Jitsi is a great way to quickly set up a tele-conference. Below we’ll set up a Jitsi meeting room.

Setup a Jitsi Room

  1. Visit
  2. Type a unique meeting room name and click Start Meeting.
    Start Jitsi Meeting
    Start Jitsi Meeting

    You will then see the first screen as the meeting session is started.  You will need to invite people to join your meeting.

    First screen after Jitsi starts a meeting
    First screen after Jitsi starts a meeting
  3. Navigate all the settings in the meeting:
    • Share screen
    • Raise hand
    • Open text
    • Enable Mic and Camera
    • Invite people
    • Change call quality
    • Record to Dropbox
    • Share YouTube video
    • Open shared Etherpad document
    • Speaker stats (time)

Embed a Jitsi room in your website using Jitsi API and documentation with our high-speed VPS Hosting.

Mattermost users can integrate Jitsi in your chat platform.

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  • I went to the site, but it was different from the image above and there was no Go button. Is this out of date?

    • Thanks for pointing it out Lucas! Yes, they changed their home page. I went ahead and updated the page to include new screenshots and the screens you would see after first starting a meeting.

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