How to Recover your Content from Wayback Machine (Internet Archive)

If your website was lost or hacked, you might have the unfortunate task of recovering the content. We always recommend making regular backups of your site, but if they are not available you have another option. The Internet Archive, also known as the Wayback Machine takes periodic snapshots of many sites across the internet and Read More >

Archive Your Website with WayBack Machine is a website from The Internet Archive that crawls and archives digital content since 1996. Jetpack does this in WordPress automatically. However, below we cover how to manually archive a single webpage with the WayBack Machine. Archive Your Website Visit Type in the specific webpage URL and press Save Page. Once complete, you’ll Read More >

Fix Hyperlinks With

Not all hyperlinks work forever. Domains expire or change. Websites change permalinks – permanent URLs to individual posts and pages. Content is taken down. Having broken links can affect SEO ratings and upset website viewers. Below we cover how to check your website for broken links with Fix Broken Links Visit Enter the Read More >