Advantages of UltraStack – Infographic

Advantages of UltraStack
Advantages of UltraStack infograph

The advantages of using the UltraStack configuration with an InMotion Hosting subscription can be broadly shown in three areas: the front end caching through NGINX, the Apache webserver, and PHP-FPM.

Website page requests will first be sent through the NGINX caching which is configured as a reverse proxy in front of the Apache webserver. It not only acts to quickly return cached pages but also stores the cached PHP processes that have been executed by PHP-FPM. This cache also helps to keep caching processes from being done at the webserver level.

The Apache webserver continues to be the workhorse of the stack and does not require added modification of code for custom websites, applications, or CMS’s that it would be hosting.

PHP-FPM (Fast Process Manager) allows for a marked increase in performance because of the ability to cache executed PHP code. The saved code is then saved in the NGINX cache so that page requests can immediately be returned.

For more information, please see our tutorials on UltraStack.

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