Purging the UltraStack Cache with Cache Manager in cPanel

UltraStack configurations include an NGINX installation that is used as a cache. Sometimes, this cache will need to be purged. This can be done using the Cache Manager in cPanel. Follow the steps below to learn how to purge the cache in cPanel.

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Finding the Cache Manager

To access the Cache Manager you will need to be logged in to the cPanel. Note that the Cache Manager will only be available for UltraStack configurations.

  1. In the cPanel go to the Software section.
  2. Click on Cache Manager.
  3. Select the Domain that you wish to purge.

Clearing the Cache

Once you have determined your cache status in UltraStack, purging or clearing the cache is simply a matter of selecting a page or purging the entire cache for the selected domain. The steps are simple once you’re in the Cache Manager.

  1. Once you’re in the cache manager, you will see a tab labeled Purge Cache. If not, click on that tab.
  2. If you want to purge a specific URL, click in the field and complete URL. Click Purge to clear that specific page from the cache.
  3. To clear the entire cache, click on the button labeled Purge Full Cache.

Congratulations! You can now use the Cache Manager to purge your cache in your UltraStack configured website. To learn more about UltraStack, please see our other tutorials.

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