Scaling with UltraStack

Like the other hosting solutions within InMotion, the UltraStack configuration is used on servers that allow you to increase the overall power and performance by simply upgrading your account. The transfer of your site would be handled by InMotion’s technical personnel, and the changes would be mostly transparent to you. This article provides a general description of how you would scale your server from one level to another.

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Different Levels of Hosting Servers for UltraStack

UltraStack configurations can be used in the following hosting solutions:

Moving from Shared Hosting to VPS is an example of scaling up your server performance. Your main concern with scaling will be the difference in cost. Management of the server will be more complete as you can have root access when you use either VPS or Dedicated servers. Root access is not possible on a shared server.


Upgrading to a higher level of hosting server can be done easily based on your server requirements. Lowering your level hosting is often mistaken as being as simple as upgrading, but it is more thoroughly reviewed. This is because a website operating on a VPS or Dedicated server may not work on a shared server. Websites from a VPS or Dedicated server that may require may require certain level resources and cause a shared server to slow or crash.

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