UltraStack Cache – Basic Configuration Options

cPanel includes a Cache Manager tool with all UltraStack-configured installations. You can use the tool to configure the cache. We will cover the basic options that you can select in this article. Find the Options for Configuring the Cache Configure the Cache Need a new home for your WordPress website? Check out InMotion’s WordPress Hosting Read More >

Purging the UltraStack Cache with Cache Manager in cPanel

UltraStack configurations include an NGINX installation that is used as a cache. Sometimes, this cache will need to be purged. This can be done using the Cache Manager in cPanel. Follow the steps below to learn how to purge the cache in cPanel. Find the Cache Manager Clearing the Cache Need a new home for Read More >

Determining the Cache Status in UltraStack

Caching works in such a way that you may not always think of how it is working when it’s on. This is a good thing since the caching function is part of the UltraStack architecture. This article will cover how to determine your cache status using the cURL command. Using Curl Cache Status Codes Need Read More >

Advantages of UltraStack – Infographic

The advantages of using the UltraStack configuration with an InMotion Hosting subscription can be broadly shown in three areas: the front end caching through NGINX, the Apache webserver, and PHP-FPM. Website page requests will first be sent through the NGINX caching which is configured as a reverse proxy in front of the Apache webserver. It Read More >

Scaling with UltraStack

Like the other hosting solutions within InMotion, the UltraStack configuration is used on servers that allow you to increase the overall power and performance by simply upgrading your account. The transfer of your site would be handled by InMotion’s technical personnel, and the changes would be mostly transparent to you. This article provides a general Read More >

How Does UltraStack Work?

UltraStack breakdown UltraStack in action UltraStack is a configuration of a LAMP (Linux, Apache web server, MySQL server, PHP) stack that provides optimal performance for PHP-based CMS’s or application. This tutorial will go over how it works in laymen’s terms in order to give you an idea of all of the working pieces. UltraStack Breakdown Read More >

How is UltraStack Configured?

UltraStack server configurations created by InMotion Hosting technical staff focused on optimization of performance for a specific content management system. These configurations can be found on: The configuration is based on the concept of a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database, and PHP) but with the addition of NGINX to act as a Read More >

What is UltraStack?

In this article, we cover the basics of our proprietary UltraStack caching system used for NGINX-powered Shared Hosting, Shared WordPress Hosting, and WordPress VPS Hosting plans for top web hosting performance and ultimate scalability. UltraStack includes the following fine-tuned software to enhance any content management system (CMS) or PHP/HTML/CSS/Javascript based website: What’s Included? NGINX Proxy Read More >