WordPress VPS

InMotion Hosting provides the UltraStack configuration for WordPress on all of its hosting platforms: Shared servers, VPS, WordPress VPS Hosting, or Dedicated servers. This article Read More >


What is UltraStack?

In this article, we cover the basics of our proprietary UltraStack caching system used for NGINX-powered Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting and WordPress VPS Hosting plans Read More >

How Does UltraStack Work?

UltraStack breakdown UltraStack in action UltraStack is a configuration of a LAMP (Linux, Apache web server, MySQL server, PHP) stack that provides optimal performance for Read More >

Scaling with UltraStack

Like the other hosting solutions within InMotion, the UltraStack configuration is used on servers that allow you to increase the overall power and performance by Read More >

UltraStack Configuration

How is UltraStack Configured?

Shared Hosting Configuration VPS/Dedicated Hosting Configuration UltraStack server configurations created by InMotion Hosting technical staff focused on optimization of performance for a specific content management Read More >

UltraStack Caching