WordPress UltraStack VPS

InMotion Hosting provides the UltraStack configuration for WordPress for all of its hosting platforms: Shared servers, VPS, or Dedicated servers. This article will focus primarily on VPS Hosting and the WordPress options that it offers. Navigating the Website WordPress VPS Options For an optimized and managed VPS solution for your WordPress site, check out InMotion’s Read More >

Scaling with UltraStack

Like the other hosting solutions within InMotion, the UltraStack configuration is used on servers that allow you to increase the overall power and performance by simply upgrading your account. The transfer of your site would be handled by InMotion’s technical personnel, and the changes would be mostly transparent to you. This article provides a general Read More >

How Does UltraStack Work?

UltraStack breakdown UltraStack in action UltraStack is a configuration of a LAMP (Linux, Apache web server, MySQL server, PHP) stack that provides optimal performance for PHP-based CMS’s or application. This tutorial will go over how it works in laymen’s terms in order to give you an idea of all of the working pieces. UltraStack Breakdown Read More >