How is UltraStack Configured?

UltraStack server configurations created by InMotion Hosting technical staff focused on optimization of performance for a specific content management system. These configurations can be on a shared, VPS, WordPress VPS, or dedicated hosting server. The configuration is based on the concept of a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database, and PHP) but with the addition of NGINX to act as a caching server. Additionally, Redis and a stats aggregator can be added to the mix in order to provide optimized search and stats collection. Originally, this system was specifically designed for WordPress, but it has been expanded to cover any CMS hosted with InMotion Hosting.

The following diagrams illustrate the configurations used for UltraStack based on the hosting solution selected.

Shared Hosting

UltraStack configuration on Shared server

VPS/Dedicated Hosting

UltraStack configuration on VPS or Dedicated server

You’re now familiar with a typical UltraStack configuration! Remember that these best-in-class solutions are available for your favorite CMS, not just WordPress. To learn more, please see our other UltraStack articles!

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