How to Get the Most Out of Our Community Support Center

In this article, we cover how to get the best experience with our Community Support Center. Whether you have general questions about new software in Softaculous Instant Installer, or more advanced questions about GDPR compliance or root access in VPS Hosting, we want to ensure you know how to help us help you in our public forums.

Search our Community Support Center to see if someone else has asked about it already. Check out our Support Center as we release new articles daily and are constantly looking for new software that can help customers achieve their goals. You can follow our RSS – in your email client or browser to stay up to date with new content.

Contact Live Support for Help Now

We monitor questions between 9AM and 5PM EST, Monday through Friday. However, we cannot guarantee an instant response and solution to new questions, although we respond as soon as possible.

We cannot access your hosting account from Community Support Center requests. If you need immediate assistance:

We cannot honor email requests from the Community Support Center. You must contact one of our live 24/7 departments above for email correspondence.

Don’t Give PII or Verification

Because we don’t have access to your hosting account from the Community Support Center, you should never post verification or personally identifiable information (PII). This includes payment information, usernames, passwords, email addresses, and other contact information that cyber criminals could use in phishing scams such as the “on this day” phishing email.

Note: Learn more about security for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)

Be Specific

The more information you give us in your initial request, the better the assistance we can offer. You don’t need to give your website or other personal info for all situations for us to help you better. Provide what steps you followed to reach a problem, what troubleshooting you tried, and if you followed any of our articles related to your problem. This helps us understand how to replicate your issue to help you better and faster.

What Information Should I Provide?

Be sure to include or have the following information ready so we can help you troubleshoot and provide assistance in the fastest way possible.

  • What software and version are you using?
  • Is it a base install or are plugins/modules added?
  • What is the exact nature of the issue?
  • What are the steps to duplicate the issue?
  • When does this issue occur?
  • Were there any changes made just prior to the start of the issue?
  • If the software supports it, is caching enabled?

For more detailed information, see our full article:

Make Article Suggestions

Have you noticed a new security or performance protocol we haven’t discussed? Are you using a content management system (CMS) we haven’t covered? Let us know and we’ll look into creating content for it and how you can make it more secure and accessible.

Questions? Check out our Community Support Center.

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