I am logged into webmail but I am missing emails

We’ve outlined several of the more common reasons that cause missing emails within your webmail account.

Logging into webmail with the incorrect username

If you are logged into webmail but you are missing email, ensure that you have logged into webmail using the correct username. Be sure that you are using your email address in all lowercase as the username, and not your cPanel username. To ensure you logged into webmail the correct way, please see our I cannot log into webmail article.

Checking your email using POP

You can use webmail in conjuction with other email clients to access your email. For example, you can use Outlook at work to check your email and then use webmail from home to access your email.

When checking email, you can setup your email account to use either POP or IMAP. IMAP downloads a copy of the email on the server. When using POP, email is downloaded and removed from the server. POP can cause problems because if you have your email client (such as Mac Mail or Outlook) configured as a POP account, it will download and remove the email. As your email client has removed email from the server, it will no longer be there when you login with webmail (which uses IMAP).

If you are using multiple email clients to check your email, to ensure you don’t lose any email between the programs you’ll need to ensure that you either:

  1. Use IMAP instead of POP when setting up your email client. In most email clients there is not a switch to change from POP to IMAP, so you’ll need to recreate the account in your email client and choose IMAP.
  2. Use POP but enable the option to “Leave a copy of email messages on the server”. This setting, in most email clients, can be found in the advanced settings.

14 thoughts on “I am logged into webmail but I am missing emails

    1. You will need to check if you have backups of your emails. You should contact live support to see if the emails are still on the server. The amount of drive space that you have depends on the account type you have subscribed to.

    2. Please contact live support in order to review your email accounts and backups. They can see if the emails are still on the server.

  1. This morning all of my existing emails were missing. I am still receiving new emails, but some almost 600 are now gone. This is the case whether I check webmail, my phone, or outlook. I have Gmail accounts on outlook and my phone as well, but I have not lost any of those existing emails. 


    I have changed nothing on my settings for that email account. What happened to my emails?

  2. Hi,


    Lots of my emails went missing after november last year, i was told you guys have back up of the emails for november and now i’m been told i have to provide the back up.


    why is that? my emaiuls went missing from your server, you should provide me with back up.

    i want to know why am i been told diffrent things by diffrent people.

    1. Hello Jay,

      I’m sorry to hear you are missing emails. We’re more than happy to help you. So, we do maintain backups. However, we only maintain one backup file and it’s usually ran every 24 – 36 hours. So, if the emails went missing more than 48 hours ago, it’s likely restoring our backup would not fix your situation.

      I hope this clears up the confusion about the backups. Please let us know if there’s anything else I can help you with.


      Tim S

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