How to Read a new Email message in Roundcube

Example of Roundcube webmail

The previous guide in our Roundcube series showed you How to Compose an email in Roundcube. In this tutorial we will show you how to read a new email message using Roundcube. Roundcube is a very popular webmail client that allows you to send and receive email from any Internet Browser.

Reading a new E-mail message in Roundcube

    1. Login to webmail. Be sure to use your full email address as your username.
    2. Click the Roundcube option.
      Access Roundcube

      You will then be logged into Roundcube.

    3. Click the Refresh button on the top left to check for new emails.
      Refresh Inbox

      Your Inbox will have a number listing any new emails, (you will not see a number, if there are no new emails).
      Roundcube email Inbox

    4. Click the Inbox button, to ensure you are looking at the correct folder.
    5. You will see any emails in your Inbox listed to the right. Double-click the email to read the contents.
      Accessing Inbox

      You will then be able to read the contents of the e-mail. There are buttons available on the top, for common tasks such as Replying, or Forwarding the email.
      New email message

Congratulations, now you know how to read a new email in Roundcube! In the next guide of our Roundcube series, we will show you how to Manage your Address Book in RoundCube.

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