How to install and use the TR Cache and Security plugin for WordPress

What is the TR Cache and Security plugin for WordPress?

The TR Cache and Security plugin is a plugin for WordPress that easily allows you to manage both caching for performance of both the server and your users, as well as your overall website security. Because it is very easy to use, it is a good choice for beginners because you don’t have a lot of complicated options to configure.

Before beginning, be sure that you have logged into your WordPress admin.

Installing the TR Cache and Security plugin for WordPress

  1. Installing the TR Cache and Security plugin is extremely simple as it can be installed directly from within the WordPress dashboard. To do so, look over to the left side of the WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins. From there, click on Add New. You will then be presented with a search box. Searching for “TR Cache and Security” should present you with the match that you are looking for as the first result.

  2. To install your recently located plugin, click on Install Now. WordPress will then automatically complete the installation for you. Once the installation has completed, be sure to click Activate Now to fully activate TR Cache and Security.

How to use Caching in TR Cache and Security

TR Cache and Security has made it very simple to configure caching on your site. While it does not have the large number of custom options that plugins like W3 Total Cache have, it does have a large amount of simplicity.

  • To access the caching settings, click on the Cache & Security menu option to the left side of your WordPress dashboard. From here, you will see several options. The first option is just the general status of your cache. Here, you may turn your caching on or off as well as see the size and location of the cache.

  • In the next option inside TR Cache and Security, you will see general options. In this section, you may chnage the length that the cache will be kept, enabling users to cache your site with their browsers to decrease their page load times, caching media, and other options. Generally, the settings that are provided by default are good for most sites. In this example, we did turn on the “Allow browser caching” option as it will further decrease server loads as well as cause your pages to load much faster.

  • The next option is for compression. These settings determine if you are compressing and sending them to your visitors. Unless you have a specific reason for turning it off, you will want to leave these options on as file compression will lessen the amount that visitors to your website will have to download, and thus cause pages to load faster.

  • The last option within the cache settings for TR Cache and Security effects mobile settings. This is something that you will want to enable if you have a sepaate layour for mobile visitors. If you have a different mobile layout, be sure to turn it on. Otherwise, keep it off.

Security options in TR Cache and Security

  • Within the TR Cache and Security plugin settings, you will see another tab up top that says Security. When clicking on this, you will be prompted with general server information. Most users would not use this, but it is useful to have if you need to make more advanced changes to your WordPress site.

  • The next section in the ban option. This will allow you to manage banned users. Both of these options should be kept on to ensure that users who have malicious intent are automatically banned on your site. If you want to ban certain bots or other malicious users, you can manually add them within this section as well.

  • One of the best options here is the login menu option. This will allow you to limit login attempts and help you prevent brute force attacks to your WordPress admin. I highly recommend keeping the Enable Login Limits option turned on to ensure that you are not a victim of a brute force attack. You may also limit your login attempts as well. If it is very rare that you enter your password incorrectly, you will want to set this to a low number to keep any other users banned when they are trying to log into your WordPress admin dashboard. Here, you may also set a notification email to send you a message any time there has been a ban on your site.

  • The next option is Hide Backend. It will allow you to hide your WordPress dashboard and move it to another directory. This is extremely effective in avoiding any kind of brute force attacks as they will not be able to log in using the normal wp-admin URL.

  • Within TR Cache and Security, there is also an SSL option. This will allow you to easily force SSL on various parts of your site. If you have an SSL certificate installed for your domain, this would be a good option to encrypt any traffic going between the visitor’s computer and the server.

  • The Logs menu option does exactly what you would think it does; it gives you a log of all activity performed by the plugin. If you are curious about how the plugin is working in banning users, take a look at it.

All in all, the TR Cache and Security plugin provides a good, user-friendly experience for anyone who is trying to beef up the security and performance of their WordPress site. Even small WordPress sites will greatly benefit from its options and ease of use.

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