Measuring For Keyword Relevance (WordPress SEO)

It’s easy to generate long lists of potential keywords for your site. These are the terms people might use to find your website in a search engine. But how do you know if the keywords you’ve selected are relevant for your site? Keyword relevance is an important factor to consider when optimizing your landing pages for SEO. And it’s easy to overlook relevance of a particular keyword during your selection process.

Configuring your WordPress site for SEO is pretty easy. We recommend BoldGrid as your site builder, which comes with powerful SEO optimization tools. If you need an SEO refresh, be sure to check out our full guide on the basics of SEO.

Placing Keywords Strategically

As you may recall, strategically placing relevant keywords in your page content will help search engines rank you appropriately. But if you abuse your keywords, or try to stuff too many into one page, the search engines are sure to drop you in the rankings.

The Keyword Relevance Checklist

As you’re selecting keywords for your landing pages, use this checklist to make sure your keywords are relevant.

  • ☐ Is the keyword relevant to the page itself (for example, if you sell mountain bikes, don’t use a keyword relevant to motorcycles)?
  • ☐ Does the keyword compete with another page (don’t use the same keyword for another landing page)?
  • ☐ Is the keyword specific enough (trying to rank for the word “bike shop” may be too specific)?

If your selected keyword meets the above criteria, you will be in good shape.

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