Add Sliders with BoldGrid Post and Page Builder

Among the many additions to the BoldGrid Post and Page Builder –
saving blocks and
adding layouts for examples – there are other useful options capable of replacing single-purpose plugins. These new features include a slider, or carousel, with buttons on the bottom to scroll between its sections.

There are two types of sliders – Content and Section. Section sliders have unique background and section elements per slide while Content sliders keep the same background. Below we cover how to add and edit a slider with BoldGrid Post and Page Builder.

Add a Slider

  1. Log into BoldGrid.
  2. Create or edit a post or page.
  3. Press + to add a block component.

    Click Add Block Component

  4. Click on Content Slider or Section Slider, under the Design section inside the Add Block Component menu.

    Add content or section slider

  5. Edit the section and select the buttons at its center bottom to edit another section.

    Slider section 1

    Slider section 2

  6. Click the slider icon at the top center to customize the whole slider section.

    Slider button

    You’ll see options to edit the autoplay, loop, and navigation options.

    Slider customization options

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