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In order to make payments on your products within your store your customers will need to have a way to use their credit cards. Credit cards are typically processed through payment gateways. One of the payment gateways that you can use is The following article explains how to set it up in the osCommerce Administrator dashboard.

Use of this payment gateway requires an account with

Installing in osCommerce

  1. Log into your osCommerce Admin dashboard.
  2. Scroll down the menu on the left and then click on MODULES.
  3. In the menu that appears, click on PAYMENT.
  4. You will then see a large number modules that you can select, but click on the second one down labeled AUTHORIZE.NET CREDIT CARD SIM. Click on the INSTALL MODULE option.
  5. module is installed

    After the module is installed, you will see the list of modules under payment. Select the option and then click on EDIT in the right side. You will need to configure before it can be used. The following table breaks down all of the options available for setting

  6. Enable Credit Card SIMSelect TRUE to enable the option and FALSE to disable.Enable

    Login IDThis is the login ID that you get with your account.Set the login ID

    Transaction KeyTransaction key provide with your accountSet the Transaction key

    MD5 HashThis is a code used for security provided through Authorize.netEnter the MD5 Hash for

    Transaction ServerYou have the option of LIVE or TEST. When you are LIVE, the payment gateway is available. TEST allows you to use the option but it will not process the payment through transaction server- live or test option

    Transaction Mode LIVE or TEST are again the options, but LIVE will test the credit card processing, while TEST will enable the option in the cart for the shop, but will not process the transaction with mode setting

    Transaction Method Authorization – The Authorization transaction method only authorizes transactions and must be captured manually through the Merchant Interface. Capture – The Capture transaction method authorizes and transfers the funds to your Merchant transaction method

    Payment ZoneYou can specify a zone for this payment type.Set the order status for completed transactions

    Set Order StatusLets you label the end result of a transaction after it has completed processing with module is installed

    Sort OrderAffects the order in which payment options will appear.Sort oder for payment options

This completes the article for the installation of the payment gateway on osCommerce. For further information, go to the osCommerce Education channel.

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