How to Add a Product to osCommerce

After installing osCommerce, one of the first things you will want to do is add a product, which can be accomplished in the Admin panel of osCommerce.
In this guide we will walk you through adding a product to your osCommerce store.

Adding a Product:

  1. Login to the Admin Section of osCommerce.
  2. Click the Catalog link in the navigation menu, then click the Categories/Products link.
  3. To enter the product within a category, click the folder next to it, then click the New Product button.
  4. You will then see a New Product menu, fill in the fields as needed. Below is a brief description of the options:

    Product Status:Choose from “In Stock” or “Out of Stock”
    Date Available:You can set a date here for when the product will be able to purchase this product.
    Products Manufacturer:Choose a manufacturer here from the drop down menu.
    Products Name:Enter a product name here.
    Tax Class:Select “none,” if you do not want to charge tax for this product or “Taxable Goods” to charge tax
    Products Price (Net):Enter the dollar amount you make after deducting additional cost.
    Products Price (Gross):Enter the total dollar amount you make before deducting any other additional cost.
    Products Description:Enter detailed information about the product here.
    Products Quantity:Enter a numeric value for how many products you have available.
    Products Model:You can provide a model number here for your product. 
    Products Image:Click the browse button to upload an image of your new product.
    Products URL:You can enter a website URL for your product here, be sure to leave out the: https://
    Products Weight:Enter the weight of your product here. 
  5. After entering your preferred information, click the Save button. In my tests I added a banana.
    You will then see your product listed under Categories/Products.

Congratulations, now you know how to add a product to your osCommerce website!

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