How to log into your osCommerce Admin dashboard

In order to manage your osCommerce store you will need to know how to log into the administrative dashboard. Below is a quick tutorial that demonstrates how to locate and log into your admin dashbord for osCommerce.

Logging into your osCommerce admin dashboard

  1. Visit your Admin URL. Your admin URL for osCommerce is accessed by simply adding /admin to the end of the default web address. In our example below, you can see our default domain name is To access the admin area, we type in
    main site url
  2. You will be brought to a login screen. Here you will need to enter your administrative user name and password in the Username and Password fields, respectively.
    admin dashboard login screen
  3. Once you have entered the proper username and password, click the Login button. This will bring you to the default admin control panel for your osCommerce site.
    admin dashboard after login

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