How To Set Featured Articles in Joomla 4

Features articles in Joomla 4

Can you use your Joomla site as a blog? Of course, blog features are built into Joomla. You just need to know how to find them. When people talk about blogs they are basically describing an index of posts sorted in reverse chronological order in a feed.

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How Featured Articles Work

Joomla 4 blog features are built into the default Cassiopeia template and can be accessed through the creation of new articles or by editing existing articles. Blog posts are basically articles, just like other content in Joomla. But, you can put new articles into a blog-style feed by using the “featured article” component.

In the default Joomla template that comes with your installation, the featured articles component is set to show up on the home page. But you can add this component to any page.

How To Create a Featured Articles

Below, find out how to use the featured articles component:

  1. Log into Joomla admin area
  2. Click Content
  3. Click the + sign for Articles, or edit an existing article
  4. Turn the Featured switch to “Yes”
Used the “Featured” knob to turn a regular article into a featured article.

This will effectively add the article to the featured article feed. In the default Joomla template, this will display posts on the home page.

Best Practices For Features Articles

Not every piece of content you create will go into the featured articles feed. That is why there is an option to turn this feature on or off for individual pieces of content. This means you can use the featured articles component strategically. Think about which pieces of content that will require special emphasis. These might be special announcements or promotions that you want to make sure your readers will see.

Remember that the featured articles component is not the only place to have an auto-updated feed of content. You can also set certain menus and pages to syndicate a feed of articles based on other criteria, like categories, which will be covered in a separate article.

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