How to Install the Laravel Framework with Softaculous

In this article, we will learn how to install Laravel, the popular PHP framework. In order for Laravel to work properly, you must make sure your server or cPanel account is configured for PHP version 7.

How to Install Laravel with Softaculous

There are many different ways to install Laravel. Installation methods will vary based on your needs and experience level. We’ve chosen to represent the Softaculous installation here because it is very easy to accomplish, only requires a few clicks, and is available to hosting packages at all levels.

  1. Log into cPanel
  2. Under Software choose Softaculous Apps Installer

  3. Under Frameworks select Laravel

  4. Click Install Now

  5. Make sure to deselect the default directory selection “laravel” by erasing it if you are wanting to install Laravel on your primary domain

  6. Click Install

Now, visiting your primary domain, you will see a message indicating that Laravel has been installed, and you will be redirected to the /public subdirectory. All of the live content will be placed in this directory. For security reasons, you will want to redirect to this “public” directory as the document root of your site.

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