How to Remove Tags from WordPress

The longer your blog exists and the more posts you continue to add to your blog, the more tags you may end up having in your Tags list. There may be situations where you need to remove tags that no longer need to be on your site. The following tutorial shows how to delete tags.

How to Delete Tags

Delete Multiple Tags

  1. Login to the WordPress Administrator
  2. Delete multiple tags

    Click on check box for each tag you wish to delete

  3. Click on the drop-down arrow of the button labeled Bulk Actions.
  4. Click on Delete, then click on Apply

Delete a Single Tag

  1. Login to the WordPress Administrator
  2. Delete single tag

    Hover over the name of the tag and you will see a pop up menu

  3. Click on Delete to remove that particular tag

Please be cautious when you delete your tags as they cannot be immediately recovered once you have deleted them. The only way to recover them is to restore a backup.

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