Resetting your Zen Cart 1.5 Admin Password in PHPMyAdmin

If you forget your administrator login credentials for Zen Cart, you will need to reset it. The password reset will be done through PHPMyAdmin in cPanel. We cannot reset your password since Zen Cart is third party software.

How to Reset your Zen Cart Admin Password

  1. Log into cPanel and go to phpMyAdmin
  2. Click on the Zen Cart Database on the left side menu pane
  3. Click on the SQL tab
  4. Run the following Query
DELETE FROM admin WHERE admin_name = 'Admin'; 
INSERT INTO admin (admin_name, admin_email, admin_pass, admin_profile) 
VALUES ('Admin', 'admin@localhost', '351683ea4e19efe34874b501fdbf9792:9b', 1);

Now, you should be able to log into your Zen Cart administrator dashboard using the following credentials:


You’ll want to reset your password to something more secure once you regain access to your dashboard.

If you need further assistance please feel free to ask a question on our support center.

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10 thoughts on “Resetting your Zen Cart 1.5 Admin Password in PHPMyAdmin

  1. I know this is very old, but since it is the first link that comes up in google, I thought I should post anyway. The instructions above do not work as is because the password hash given is for “admin” all lowercase, not “Admin” like is shown. 

    Knowing that would have saved me a lot of messing around. The username must be entered as “Admin” as shown as it is also case sensitive. I figured this out by finding the same instructions elsewhere and luckily noting the difference in usename/password but with the same hash

    1. Thank you for letting us know! We will review the article as per your suggestion and update it as needed.

  2. I can’t access my account since I changed my password. I also don’t know which email account I used for this.

    1. Hello Patricia,

      You can look in the database under the admin table to see which email address you used.

      Kindest Regards,
      Scott M

  3. yes zen-cart, i changed the password as requested, now i have problems loging in. it will not except the new password.  also took days for someone to answer my 1st & many more, request for help. will this happen everytime i have to reset my password?? i’m not very computer savvy.  thanks

    1. Hello Peterboro,

      If you ran the query above you should be able to log in with Admin as the username and Admin as the password. Can you provide the query you ran to change your password? (Please change the values of you password).

      Best Regards,
      TJ Edens

  4. i can not login in my account since i changed my password at your request. i have sent may forgot my password requests with no answer. what can i do, please help!!


    1. Hello Peterboro,

      We would need a little more detail on the issue in order to help. Is this issue related to ZenCart? What version? And can you please provide the URL for the domain involved? Apologies that we can’t provide immediate assistance, but please provide us a little more information and we may be able to help.

      Arnel C.

  5. I found an extremely easy solution to this problem.  I did everything shown here and it did not work.  I have been frustrated testing all the google search responses all to failure.  At my frustration point I began to think STUPID.  What does not make sense and I found the solution.  When signing into ZenCart and requesting a RESET PASSWORD email which does not show up.  I decided to look in the SPAM email folder and there were all the emails with the reset codes.  FIXED IT!

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