biz117 and biz82 Servers affected by DDOS Attack

2012.02.28 10:25am EST
Systems administration has identified a DDOS attack on our biz117 and biz82 servers. While the server is up and on online, at times it may appear that your website is down. Please be aware that this type of attack is not targeted at compromising a server, server security is not the target. You can find more information on DOS attacks here:
What is a DDOS attack?
Our Systems Administration team is working diligently to mitigate the issue. We anticipate this should be resolved shortly and appreciate your patience.

2012.02.29 9am EST
The DDOS attacks have continued intermittently over the last 24 hours. In our continued efforts, our System Administration team has updated the IP address of our biz117 server in attempt to thwart the attacks. Because of this IP address change, websites on biz117 may appear to be down while the DNS changes propagate. If you’re not seeing your website, the DNS changes should finish propagating within a few more hours at most, which will bring your site back up for you. In some cases, you can bypass propagation by clearing your local DNS cache, and you can find instructions here on how to do so.

2012.03.01 10:20am EST
The DDOS attack targeted at our biz82 server appears to have subsided, however we are still actively monitoring the server. Due to additional updates on our biz117, the server’s IP address has been changed again, this time to This change, as before, may make your website appear down while DNS propagation takes place.

0 thoughts on “biz117 and biz82 Servers affected by DDOS Attack

  1. Hi Tim

    Given the DDOS free services (suchas cloudflare) available, why not you can integrate inmotion servers with one of them? 



    1. Hello Jack,

      Cloudflare is very good for a cPanel account and we recommend it for performance as well as a bit of DDOS protection. Also, this news bit is almost three years old so our server protection has increased greatly since then.

      Kindest Regards,
      Scott M

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