How do I remove the Design Template from the builder?

Preview with Design Template Premium Web BuilderPremium Web Builder

The Premium Web Builder by default will show the “Design Template” that you chose on the “Design” section of your builder. In some cases, the “Template Design” may not be necessary for the page you are making. The image to the right shows a Builder site with the template showing on the page. The Template can be removed and no template shown in your builder. The below steps explain how to remove the Template Design from a page in your Premium Web Builder.

Removing and Restoring the Design Template

  1. Log into the web builder.
  2. Click the “Edit” tab at the top right. Select the page you want to edit in the “Your Site Map” box.
  3. Remove Design Template Premium Web Builder

    Towards the bottom, select “Remove Design Template“.

    Preview With no template Premium Web Builder

    Now the Template will be removed and only the text you place on the page will show. See image to the right.

  4. Restore Design Template Premium Web Builder

    If you want to restore the template back to the default, you can always click “Restore Design Template” on the bottom left of the Builder.

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