Google AdWords Voucher Redemption

If you are a new InMotion Hosting Customer you may have received a $100 coupon from Google for free Google AdWords services. To redeem your free Google AdWords coupon. Please follow the steps below.

This Google Adwords Voucher is issued, and managed by Google themeselves. This means we have no control over their rules. For more information see our full article Google Adwords Voucher Explained.

Redeeming your Google AdWords code

  1. Log into Amp.
  2. Click the link to get to the AdWords code Google

    On the AMP Home page, under Account notifications, click “Redeem your 100 dollar Google advertising voucher today – Don’t let it expire!“.

  3. Get your AdWords Code Google

    On the Google Advertising Credit page, Click the “Go to Google” button in the Voucher code box.

    IMPORTANT! The Google AdWords Voucher credit is only for new Google AdWords accounts in the USA. If you have an existing Google AdWords account, you will not be able to redeem the free voucher.

  4. Set up a new AdWords account at
  5. Go through the normal account set up process. Add your promotional code after entering billing details.

    Note! If your Google AdWords code shows as expired, we can refresh your account to generate a new code. You will need our tech support do this from their end.

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