What is VirtueMart?

One of the more popular plugins for Joomla is VirtueMart. This free plugin enables your Joomla Content Management System to become a very serviceable and powerful open source e-commerce solution. Like Joomla, VirtueMart is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database for its backend. The following article gives more detail on VirtueMart’s capabilities, then organizes a select list of the resources available in the InMotion Hosting Support Center as well as a few links to other resources.

Features of VirtueMart

VirtueMart is a component or plugin for Joomla, so it utilizes the Joomla framework which gives it great flexibility. This capability allows it be extended by other plugins, components,templates and modules available to Joomla. You can find more extensions for VirtueMart at its official extensions web page.

Here’s a quick list of the main features for VirtueMart:

  • Categories – Nested categories, meta tags, description with media
  • Checkout – Guest checkout, checkout registration, stored cart sessions, 1-click checkout, multi-page or single page checkout, support for SSL
  • Dynamic Calculator – discount and tax options
  • Inventory/Stock – Support for stocking and inventory, stock warnings, virtual stock
  • Multilingual and Multicurrency support – support for languages as per Joomla, auto-update exchange rates, custom currency definitions
  • Orders – logical order workflow, history of orders, order tracking for non-registered users
  • Payment options – payment supported 3rd party plugins, set minimum or maximum payment requirements, transaction fees, and shopper groups. Paypal and cash on delivery are included
  • Products – meta tags, short and long descriptions, dimensions, multiple media support, attributes, child products, related products, and reviews and ratings
  • Products Display – latest, top ten products sold, newest, featured, sortable, searchable
  • Shipping – based on third-party plugins, shopper groups, foreign shipping support, based on weight, country, articles, order amount or zip code
  • Search Engine Friendly/Search Engine Optimization options – uses meta tags to help sort products and provide a user friendly URL that can also be used to help optimize website links for search engines
  • Shopper groups – specific pricing, specific pricing displayed, available shipment or payment options
  • Shoppers – customizable shopper registration form, address book, anonymous checkout support
  • Note that there are MANY features for Virtuemart, and we do not list all of them in the list above. Features may change as the program is updated.

InMotion Hosting Resources for VirtueMart

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Troubleshooting VirtueMart

External Resource Links for VirtueMart

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