Adding a Product in VirtueMart

In the last guide we showed you how to Create a Product Category in VirtueMart 3. In this tutorial we will show you how to add a new product in VirtueMart 3. Adding products is a key step in building a VirtueMart 3 store. How to Add Products in VirtueMart 3 Log into the Joomla Read More >

How to make a VirtueMart 3 menu in Joomla

After installing VirtueMart 3 in Joomla, you may want to make a Menu item that takes visitors to your online store. This will help people navigate to specific pages within your VirtueMart 3 e-commerce website. We also have a guide on How to Make VirtueMart 3 your Front Page in Joomla. Making a VirtueMart 3 Read More >

How to Create a Product Category in VirtueMart 3

In this tutorial we will show you how to create a Product Category in VirtueMart 3 (vm3). Product Categories help you organize your VirtueMart store, by grouping related products together. After creating the category, you can begin adding products. Creating a New Category Login to the Joomla Admin Dashboard. In the navigation menu, roll your Read More >

How to Make VirtueMart 3 your Front Page

In this tutorial: Create a VirtueMart Menu Item Set Virtuemart as your Default Menu After installing VirtueMart 3, often you will want to set it as the main front page of your website. This will cause your VirtueMart store to load when people navigate to your website, and they will not have to click a Read More >

How to Install VirtueMart 3

In this tutorial: Installing VirtueMart 3 Enabling Database Update Tools Setting the Safe Path In this tutorial we will show you how to install VirtueMart 3 in Joomla 3. After installing VirtueMart 3 we will complete the setup by enabling Database Update Tools, and setting up a Safe folder path. You can then begin creating Read More >

Setting up in VirtueMart

Starting with VirtueMart 2.0.2, you can use as your payment gateway option. This allows you to use their popular service for processing credit card transactions. You must install VirtueMart, and have an account before attempting to follow this tutorial. How to Setup in VirtueMart Login to the Joomla dashboard. In the navigation Read More >

What is VirtueMart?

One of the more popular plugins for Joomla is VirtueMart. This free plugin enables your Joomla Content Management System to become a very serviceable and powerful open source e-commerce solution. Like Joomla, VirtueMart is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database for its backend. The following article gives more detail on VirtueMart’s capabilities, then Read More >

VirtueMart Search Plugin

When you install the VirtueMart 2 component for Joomla 2.5, a VirtueMart Search Plugin is installed as well. This VirtueMart search plugin is used by the standard Joomla search component to search through your products. This means that the same joomla search module that searches for articles also searches through the products in your VirtueMart Read More >

VirtueMart SEF URLs

VirtueMart search engine friendly urls use to be a popular topic / request for VirtueMart store administrators. If you’re not running VirtueMart 2 (released in early 2012), obtaining VirtueMart SEF URLs required the use of third party extensions and VirtueMart plugins. As of VirtueMart 2, search engine friendly URLs is a feature including by default! Read More >

VirtueMart Product Search

Searching for products in VirtueMart is the primary way your customers find items in your store. If you have merchandise in stock, you need to have a way for users to search for and find it! VirtueMart includes its own product search module, or you can look for other third party search modules. Customizing the Read More >