Adding Images to your Image Gallery

Note that the Premium Web Builder is not currently available in cPanel. Check out Alternatives to Premium Web Builder to find a newer tool for creating websites.

Now that you have an image gallery installed through Premium Web Builder, your next step is to add images to display in the gallery. First, make sure you are on the “#3 Pages” Tab and have selected the “Image Gallery” in you Site Map. This will load the image gallery interface. Select the “Image Upload” button shown in the screen shot below:


Next, a popup window will open. You will need to select the image you want to upload. 


Once you have made all your selections. Select the “OK” button towards the bottom of the popup window.


Congratulations! You have now uploaded your first images to the image gallery on your website. You may want to remove the default images that Premium Web builder has in the Image Gallery. To do this check the boxes next to the images and click “Remove Selected


Please check the next article on Organizing your Gallery with Categories. If you missed our previous article, please see the Adding an Image Gallery tutorial. For more information on this course please visit Creating an Image Gallery

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