308: Working with subpages in the Premium Website Builder

As you are starting to build your website in the Premium Website Builder, you may find the need to add subpages of your main pages. Subpages are often referred to as child pages and main pages on the site are called parent pages. One good example of child pages are for specific employees. If you have a staff main page, you could have each individual staff member have their own “child” pages.

Since these subpages are not related to the main site, you don’t want to list them in the main website’s navigation. Subpages only show up on the parent pages as a side menu bar. Subpages do not show up in the main navigation of the website. Child pages cannot have child pages of their own.

Adding Child Pages

  1. Log into the Premium Website Builder
  2. Go to #3 Pages in the top menu bar
  3. Now, make sure you have the child pages you want listed under the parent page in the “Your Site Structure” area. In this example we’re going to add Steve, Betsy, and John as child pages of the “Staff” parent page. Click the check boxes next to the pages you’re making into child pages and click the “Right” button
  4. PWB_subpages_1

  5. You can see in the screenshot below that now the child pages we just created are indented under the parent page called “Staff
  6. PWB_subpages_2

You are now ready to add your content to the pages.

How do child pages display on parent pages

The screenshot below shows you how child pages are displayed on the parent page as a sidebar navigation menu.


Can all types of pages have or be child pages?

No, only modules can be parent pages, with the exception being the File Download page, which can be a child page. Module pages include: Image Gallery, Registration, Forum, eShop, and Blog. Modules cannot have child pages as well.

If you need further assistance please feel free to ask a question on our support center website.

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