How Does Softaculous Staging Work?

infographic- How Does Softaculous Staging Work

We get it. Any time you modify a website it can be a real nightmare. Software updates or coding changes can cause incompatibilities. CSS or design elements can look different when trying them on the live site. Fear not! The new “Staging” tool in Softaculous is here to take the headaches out of website changes. Follow along and check out our infographic to learn how the new Softaculous Staging tool can help you.

Make a copy of your site

Do you want to protect your live website from issues that could occur when you make changes? You can now make a copy of your site using the Staging feature in Softaculous. This cloned version can be stored in any folder location on your server. Keep it active for future tests if you want to reuse it.

Test your staging site

After making a copy of your live site, you can freely perform any tests without fear. Try a new software upgrade, test a 3rd party plugin or CSS changes. No one will see it until you’re ready to go live. Simply delete the staged site after testing or replace your live site.

Replace your live site

Now that you have completed your tests on the “Staged” site, you can push it live. With just a single click you can replace the original site. You can even choose specific database changes if you don’t want to push the full database. Are you ready to create a Staged site and start testing?

Thoughts on “How Does Softaculous Staging Work?

  • Is the active site inaccessible by the public during the “push to live” process? If not, what will happen if, let says, a user posts a comment before the pushing finish.

    • Hello and thanks for asking. It will swap the websites. If you’re unsure about the process, you can create another website to test the process.

  • ” No one will see it until you’re ready to go live”

    Can you expand on that? I want to make sure this won’t impact SEO.

  • Links are still going to the rebranding article. Please fix this, I can’t even find the correct articles on Google.

  • The Softaculous links in this article point to the wrong place– something about branding with Softaculous.

    • Thanks for reporting this and I apologize for the inconvenience. We’ll update this article as soon as possible.

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