How to Force Installations With HTTPS in Softaculous

VPS and Dedicated server administrators have a lot of customization options for managing Softaculous Instant Installer within WebHost Manager (WHM). Many of those options allow you to further secure your VPS and websites. You can remove abandoned installation scripts. You can send emails to cPanel users with outdated content management systems (CMSs) installed.

cPanel comes with AutoSSL, the free SSL that’s auto-enabled forever. If you have the free AutoSSL enabled by default for cPanel users, it may be beneficial to force new installations to use HTTPS by default as well.

Warning: Some websites may need more configuration to work properly post-installation. For example, we oftentimes recommend the Really Simple SSL plugin for WordPress sites with mixed content errors. Some website administrators may not want to further edit websites for proper SSL implementation. You should be aware of such possibilities while deciding to change the settings below. To compensate for such incidents, consider sending detailed template emails to cPanel users regarding steps to properly implement SSL usage.

Below we’ll cover how to force HTTPS configuration during Softaculous script installations.


  1. Log in to WHM as user root.
  2. On the left, select Softaculous – Instant Installer.
  3. On the left, select Settings, then General.
  4. Under General Settings, change the default option for Choose Protocol to HTTPS:// or HTTPS://www.
  5. Beside Disable Protocol, check the https:// and https://www to disable the options during script installations.
  6. Click Edit Settings to save changes.
Disable HTTP options in Softaculous Installations

Learn more about securing user installations with our Softaculous Education Center.

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