305: Dealing with Database Errors in PHP-Fusion

Occasionally, there is the need to move or migrate a PHP-Fusion installation. With the move there is a risk of getting the information for the database server set incorrectly, or there might be a problem with the SQL server. The following article describes the database errors that you may see when encountering these issues with Read More >

304:Installing an Addon in PHP-Fusion

In this tutorial we will show you how to install an Addon or Infusion in PHP-Fusion. Infusions allow you to expand the functionality of your website by adding things such as bulletin boards, or a site search. In our tests we are installing a guest tracking infusion. How to Install an Addon: Download the Addon Read More >

303: Restoring a database backup in PHP-Fusion

After previously creating a database backup, you may need to restore the data. Restoring a database backup will set all data back to the point the backup was created. This means losing any data that was created or input since that time. Follow the instructions below as we explain how to restore your database backup Read More >

302: How to create a database backup in PHP-Fusion

As with any other program type, it is always a good idea to create and store backups on a regular basis. This quick article will explain how to create a database backup for your site from within the PHP-Fusion admin dashboard. Creating a database backup in PHP-Fusion Log into the PHP-Fusion admin interface. From the Read More >

300: Add ReCaptcha to PHP-Fusion

Setting up Recaptcha is a simple matter within PHP-Fusion because it is integrated within the interface. The following tutorial will walk you through setting up Recaptcha in the Security section of the PHP-Fusion Admin Panel. NOTE: Before you can setup Recaptcha in PHP-Fusion, you will need to obtain a key by going to the following Read More >

How to modify and delete users in PHP-Nuke

After a user registers themselves in PHP-Nuke, they may later need to have some data changed. They also may need to be deleted from your roster altogether. This article will demonstrate how to modify or delete user information in your PHP-Nuke application. Deleting or modifying user information in PHP-Nuke Log into your PHP-Nuke admin area. Read More >