Creating Article Categories in PHP-Fusion

Articles are one of the content areas in PHP Fusion, but they will require that Article Categories be created before you can actually compose any article content. The following article shows how to quickly and easily add an article category using the PHP-Fusion back end interface.

Adding Article Categories in PHP-Fusioni

  1. Login to the PHP-Fusion Admin Panel.
  2. Click on the Admin Panel Link.
  3. Click on the Article Categories icon

    By default, you will be in the CONTENT ADMIN section. In the left hand side, look for the ARTICLE CATEGORIES icon and click on it.

  4. Main section for adding Article Categories

    You will then see the main area for adding ARTICLE CATEGORIES. Click on the CATEGORY NAME field at the top and type in a name for the category you are creating.

  5. The next field is CATEGORY DESCRIPTION. Click on this field and type in a short description of the category.
  6. You can then select how you wish to sort the articles on the next line. This section is typically only used when you have a number of article categories already created and you wish to sort them. You can skip this section if you’re simply creating a new article category.
  7. The last option is for CATEGORY ACCESS. Access to different areas of PHP-Fusion website are typically divided into four groups: public, members, administrators and super administrators. Click on the drop-down arrow and select the appropriate access for this article category.
  8. Click on the SAVE CATEGORY button in order to save your category.

This completes the tutorial for adding an Article Category. When you have created a category, you can see that immediately below the SAVE CATEGORY button you will see the list of added categories: Article Category added

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