How to change/reset my PHP-Fusion password

In PHP-Fusion, you can reset your password in the Administrative Dashboard in the Admin Profile. If you lost your password and cannot access the Dashboard, you can have the password reset by using the forgot password link at the login screen. This article will explain how to change and reset your Admin password in PHP-Fusion.

Changing your Admin password through the Admin panel

  1. Log into your PHP-Fusion admin panel.
  2. Admin Profile PHP-Fusion

    Click Edit Profile in the Admin navigation box to the right.

  3. Edit Admin Profile PHP-Fusion

    Type a new Admin password.

  4. Update the passord PHP-Fusion

    Click Update Profile at the bottom of the page.

Resetting your Admin password with the forgot password link

  1. Visit your PHP-Fusion site.
  2. Forgot password link PHP-Fusion

    At the login area, click the Request a new one here link.

  3. Send email PHP-Fusion

    Enter your email address that is on your Admin account and click Send Password.

    Email Sent PHP-Fusion

    PHP-Fusion will tell you to check your email.

  4. Click reset password link PHP-Fusion

    Check your email. Click the link in the email that will confirm you as the correct user.

    Confirm password PHP-Fusion

    You will be directed to a Confirmation page stating Your new password has been sent to the email address

  5. New Password email PHP-Fusion

    Check your email for the new Password.

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