Switching your PHP-Fusion theme

PHP-Fusion has the option to change themes within the Admin panel. There are several theme pre-installed with your PHP-Fusion program by default. In this tutorial, we will change the theme to the “Atlantis” theme that comes with PHP-Fusion.

Steps to change your theme

  1. How to login to the PHP-Fusion Admin Panel.
  2. PHP-Fusion admin panel

    Click the Admin panel link on the right side in the Admin section.

  3. Setting in admin panel PHP-Fusion

    Click the Settings tab.

  4. main settings PHP-Fusion

    Click the Main icon.

  5. Site theme settings PHP-Fusion

    In the “Site Theme” drop box, select the theme you want to change to. In this case we are switching to the “Atlantis” theme.

  6. Save the changes PHP-Fusion

    Click Save Settings.

    New theme in PHP-Fusion

    Now your site will have a different “Look and Feel“.

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