Restoring a database backup in PHP-Fusion

After previously creating a database backup, you may need to restore the data. Restoring a database backup will set all data back to the point the backup was created. This means losing any data that was created or input since that time. Follow the instructions below as we explain how to restore your database backup in PHP-Fusion.

How to restore a database backup in PHP-Fusion

  1. First, login to the PHP-Fusion Admin Panel.
  2. click database backup icon

    From the main admin page, click on the Systems Admin tab and then click the Database Backup icon.

  3. restore database

    This brings you to the database backup page. Under the backup data section there is a Restore Database section. From there, click the Browse button to bring up a popup to select your database backup file.

  4. After selecting the backup file, you will see the path in the field next to the button. Click on the Restore button to upload and restore the database.
  5. You are presented with a list of tables to populate and create. Again, it is recommended to select all tables. At the bottom of the page you will need to enter the Admin Password. Click on the Restore button to continue.
  6. The database will restore and you will be returned to the database backup screen. Your database restoration is complete.

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