Increase Upload Size in Your WordPress Multisite

After setting up WordPress Multisite (MS), or Network, you may need to increase the maximum upload size allowed. You can view your current settings by creating a phpinfo.php file (ensure you’re in the correct directory) and searching for upload_max_filesize. If updating the php.ini (and/or .user.ini) file and setting the .htaccess file as recursive don’t work, Read More >

Installing WordPress MU or Network

After making the decision to use WordPress MU, or Network, you’ll need to change your existing WordPress install. You will need to follow these steps to set up a WordPress Network: You will need to set up a wildcard subdomain on your account. For more information on setting up wildcard subdomains please read our tutorial Read More >

Using WordPress MU

What is WordPress MU?  WordPress MU (commonly referred to as Multisite), is now referred to as a “network.” Creating a network allows you to create a networks of WordPress sites. Instead of only a WordPress site no, you can create multiple WordPress sites as subdomains. It allows you to manage all of your WordPress Read More >