How to Setup Email on Your KaiOS Phone

Smart feature phones, basically non-touch devices with a Linux operating system (OS), have spiked in popularity in the last years. Why?

  • They’re cheaper than smartphones
  • More accessible and easier to use for seniors
  • Nokia bar phones and similar are more durable
  • Includes access to Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and more
  • Still have a decent web browsing experience with privacy features

Many of these smart bar, slider, and flip phones run the KaiOS mobile OS.

Below we cover email on the KaiOS mobile phone:

Setup Email on KaiOS

  1. Select E-Mail from your phone menu
  2. Press Next
  3. Press Advanced
  4. Add Your name (shows beside your sent emails)
  5. Add your Email

    We recommend keeping the IMAP setting which syncs with your email server so you can continue working on your computer. POP3 downloads emails from the server so you’ll only be able to access emails from the phone.

  6. Add the server Hostname for your email account (Incoming server name in your email settings)
  7. Enter your email Password
  8. Add your Hostname again under SMTP Settings
  9. Press Next


You can change the following settings:

  1. Account name shows internally when switching between email accounts
  2. Check for new messages – Manually, Every 15 Minutes, Every 30 Minutes, or Every Hour
  3. Display new email notifications – On or Off
  4. Play sound after message is sent – On or Off
  5. Signature – Off or On with text box below stating “Sent from my AlcatelSMARTFLIPTM
  6. Press Next
  7. Press Finish

Delete Account or Update Settings

  1. From your inbox, press Options
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select the email account
  4. Set as default email and change above settings
  5. Press Save

Here, you can also Delete Account.

Manage Email

In your inbox, you can select, forward, and reply to emails.

Options Menu

While in the inbox, press Options to do the following:

  1. Delete highlighted email
  2. Mark as unread highlighted email
  3. Add flag to email
  4. Edit to Move to [another] Folder or Select Multiple to Mark as read, Add flag, Move to [another] folder, or Delete
  5. Search mail
  6. View folders for the email account
  7. Sort by Date, From, To, or Subject
  8. Synchronize Email now
  9. Switch account to manage another connected email account

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4 thoughts on “How to Setup Email on Your KaiOS Phone

  1. I was not able hot get my Kaios phone email to connect to my Yahoo! Mail account. All the app does is post error, username or password is incorrect.

    1. Hi James, and sorry to hear that you’re having trouble setting up your Yahoo mail account on KaiOS. I looked around online, and this seems to be a common problem with KaiOS and Yahoo mail addresses. A few people suggested the following as a workaround. It was suggested to generate an “app password” by going to your “Account Security” section of your Account Info page while logged into the desktop web version of Yahoo mail (either on a desktop computer web browser, or on a desktop mode in your mobile browser). From the Account Security page, you can apparently generate an app password that you can use to connect to Yahoo mail. Here’s Yahoo’s support documentation on generating app passwords.

      Please note that I haven’t been able to verify this as correct and I’m only mentioning this as something you can look into. I hope the Yahoo documentation helps to point you in the right direction though!

      1. I have the same problem with First it was working, then it just quit. Still have it working on a phone with KaiOs 3.0, but none of my 2.5.4 versions. What gives. went into outlook, turned on permission to sync, tried three different inputs into the settings manually, whereas before it quit working it must have automatically done the settings, but now I can’t get any number of setttings, setting the smtp, the imap, or switching to pop.

      2. It may be helpful to check your MX records to ensure they are still pointed correctly to your mail server, also your mail logs may provide some additional clues such as an error message or authentication failure.

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