How to Restore a WordPress Backup with Duplicator

As we continue our series on the WordPress Duplicator plugin for WordPress, we will now show you how to restore a WordPress Backup. This can be used to migrate your site to a new server, make a copy of your site for testing, or restore your site after a problem occurs. First, you must create a database then upload the installer file and archive. Then, you can navigate to the installer page and begin the restoration.

Restore WordPress Backup

  1. Log into your cPanel.
  2. Create a database, database user, and password. Be sure to save this for later use.
  3. Upload the Installer and Archive files to the document root of your website.
  4. In a browser, enter your website address then add /installer.php to the end of the address. Such as:

  5. You will see the Duplicator menu come up. Click the terms & notices link to read them.

  6. Check the box to confirm that you read and accept the terms and notices. Then, click the Next button.

  7. You will then be on the Install Database page, enter the database information you setup in Step 2 then click the Test Database button.

  8. When you see a “Success” message, click the Next button.

  9. An install confirmation message will pop-up and ask if you want to “Run installer with these settings.” Click the Yes button.

  10. The Duplicator plugin will display your site Title, URL, and installation Path. Verify they are correct and make any changes if necessary.

  11. Click the Next button.

  12. Once your site has been installed, click the Admin Login button

  13. Log into your WordPress Dashboard.
  14. You will see a message stating “This site has been successfully migrated!” Click the link to Remove Installation Files Now!

    You are finished when the installer files are successfully removed.

Congratulations, now you know how to restore a WordPress Backup with the Duplicator plugin!

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