Evaluating your BoldGrid site

Now that you have installed your Inspiration, you can now begin to think about customizing it and make it your own. Below we guide you on taking the steps into customizing your new BoldGrid site.

Define Your Site’s Scope

First, you want to define the scope of your website. For our real estate site example, we want to have a home page, but also would like to have a contact page so visitors can get in touch with us. A page for showing all the listings and an informational About Us page would also round out the site.

Decide What You Want to Change

Now that you know what you want, you need to start by looking at what your chosen Inspiration has provided. Click on the Visit Active Site option located in your Admin toolbar at the top of the dashboard.

This brings you to the site, allowing you to see it at the default level. Obvious changes such as the site title, call to action, and footer information will need to be made, but take some time to explore each page to see how you will want to change them to make the site your own. You may want to remove some of the pages, change pictures, etc. Be sure to make notes on what you want to change.

Begin Making your Changes

Remember you will be able to add or remove pages as needed. For example, looking at our sample site we decide that we do not want to use the default About Us page, but that the Services page layout fits better. In this case, we decide that we need to remove a page.

You will also want to be sure to change the written content on your pages to make it unique. Google loves unique content so making your content stand out as much as possible will help your site show up higher in the search engine rankings. In our sample site’s case, we would like to have great unique content regarding the company and the listing in the area so it shows up when visitors look for real estate for the local area or cities.

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