Adding a store credit to a customer’s account in OpenCart 1.5

At times you may find it necessary to issue a store credit to your customers. OpenCart allows you to add store credit to a customer’s account through the dashboard. Allowing store credit instead of a refund for items that have been returned is a good use for this feature. Adding a credit to a customer’s account is accomplished through the OpenCart Dashboard.

Add Store Credit

  1. Log into the OpenCart Dashboard
  2. Go to Sales > Customer > Customer
  3. Select the customer you wish to add a credit for and click “Edit” in the right side column
  4. Go to the Transactions Tab
  5. opencart_credit_1

  6. Type in a description and the amount of the credit in the fields then select “Add Transaction

Now, when the customer logs into the store front and makes a purchase, the credit will be applied to the total balance of the order. If the credit is greater than the actual order amount, the total will remain zero and the credit will reflect the new balance. If the credit amount is less than the new order, the total amount will reflect the credit applied towards the order, and the balance will need to be paid.

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23 thoughts on “Adding a store credit to a customer’s account in OpenCart 1.5

  1. How do you change customer credit in OpenCart 1.5? I have been able to add a transaction, but the $ amount does not show up. This particular customer has a credit leftover from last year and I would like to add more in a new transaction.


  2. I am using opencart If store credit is added then all of its amount is subsracted in next purchase, instead of that I want that there must a fixed amount which user can use from his credit.  How can I do that????

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hello Chaitanya,

      Thank you for contacting us. We spent some time looking into this, and could not find a “built-in” way to accomplish this. This means you will have to custom-code/develop a solution.

      Thank you,

  3. When adding / adjusting store credit, we noticed a store email is sent to the customer regarding this change.

    Any way to turn that off?

    1. Hello Jordan,

      Thank you for contacting us. I spent some time looking into this, and could not find a built-in way to disable this email notification.

      A possible workaround could be to remove the email address from the account, add/adjust the store credit, then add the email address back after the credit has been modified.

      Thank you,

  4. Hai Scott,

         Thanks For Your Replay….I am using a version of opencart and that -100 comes for every calculation …

    Waiting for your replay…..,


    1. Hello Ruben

      Unfortunately I am not having the same issue. I am testing with the same version number and using a credit of $100 USD. When purchasing an item of $80, the credit displays as -$80 as it should. Did you install any other extensions prior to the issue occurring? If so, try disabling that to see if the issue persists.

      Kindest Regards,
      Scott M

  5. how to set a price range for  customer if i set Rs:100 in store credit,but customer buyes for RS:90 then store credit is showing -100 how slove this problem.Any help would be so greatful.


    1. Hello Ruben,

      We would need to know a bit more information about your situation. What version of OpenCart are you using. Does this happen with one instance of store credit or all instances. Is it only when there is some credit peft? Is it always the same (-100)?

      Kindest Regards,
      Scott M

    1. Hello Zak,

      Apologies, but I’m not aware of any mods that could do this for you. You may want to inquire with PrestaShop directly or through the user forums.

      Arnel C.

  6. Can i add a negative figures to store credit. Say a customer owe the store £10. Can I add-10.00 to store credit and next time the customer log in to buy the £10 will be added to his total in the shopping cart.

    Many Thanks in advance


    1. Hello Zak,

      You can create Cart Rules, but the cx can then select when to use it. So trying to give them a credit that is basically a penalty on purchases won’t work. You can also create CATALOG price rules and then assign them to groups. You can change the price there and set various conditions. That would probably be the best bet for you. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.

      Arnel C.

  7. I have try to observe opencart. Currently I’m using Opencart which still has a store credit module. The problem is logical. Here is the situation:

    Customer can use a store credit to pay the transaction. After a transaction completed/confirmed, the customer suddenly aware that he made a mistake in order. Let’s say he order 5 item A, and paid with store credit $100 (means $20 each). When he aware that he made a mistake, then he return the product using return in his order information. Now the question is, where is the store credit balance? The balance should be returned into $20.

    The same case also occured when the administrator help him to return the product.

    Any idea about this case?




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