An introduction to webdav / web disk

What is webdav?

Webdav is a protocol that is used for easily accessing your files on the web from your desktop. It allows you to setup a folder on your computer that connects directly to your hosting account, and allows you to manage files on the web as easy as if they were on your local computer.

Can I use webdav?

cPanel includes an implementation of webdav, and it is referred to as web disk. cPanel’s “web disk” is located under the “Files” heading within cPanel.

Please note: The web disk cPanel feature is only available for VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting customers, it is currently not available for Shared Hosting users.

Is there an alternative to webdav / web disk?

While it doesn’t offer the same functionality as webdav, within windows you can connect to a network drive. This will allow you to connect to your account via FTP and manage your files similar to the way you do files on your local machine. For more help with creating a network drive, please see How do I create a network drive?

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