How to remove the “base href” tag Joomla 3

Joomla uses the base tag

By default, Joomla adds the base tag to your header (as in the example below):

<head>     <base href='http

://’ /> </head>

The base tag can cause problems

There may be scenarios, however, in which this base tag can cause a problem. For example, if your base tag uses http and your site uses https, this can cause problems when calling css / js files using relative urls.

You can remove the base tag

If you don’t use the base tag and simply want to remove it, you can easily do so. This base tag is stored in $doc / $document. You can use unset, as in the following example, to remove the base tag:

$doc = JFactory::getDocument(); unset($doc->base);

Using the code sample above in your Joomla template should remove the base tag.

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