How to Create Professional Email Addresses for Your Business

Your email address is a very important element in positioning your business for success. It acts as your online business card, reminding the customer of your business and brand each time they reach out to you. It’s important to get it right. This article will outline considerations when creating your professional email addresses for your Read More >

Swift Control Plugin — Easy WordPress Editing For The Beginner

If you’re new to WordPress or create websites for less technical clients, you know that the WordPress dashboard can be overwhelming to new users. For a WordPress beginner to successfully maintain their website, they only really need to be aware of a couple of actions/settings. The Swift Control plugin allows you to edit the website Read More >

WooCommerce B2B Plugin — A Powerful Wholesale Solution

Depending on your needs, establishing wholesale functionality on your WordPress website can quickly become complicated. Cobbling together plugins and code to satisfy your needs often ends in frustration and you begrudgingly simplifying your wholesale functionality to just something that works.  In this article: WooCommerce B2B Features Installing WooCommerce B2B Luckily, your days of scaling back Read More >

What is Business Shared Hosting?

A Business Shared Hosting account is perfect for small business owners and individuals looking to jump-start their web presence. But what is Business Shared Hosting and why do you need it?   In This Article: Types of Business Shared Hosting Plans Business Shared Hosting Benefits Establish your web presence today with one of our Business Shared Read More >

What To Do After Your Website Launches

After weeks of development and revisions, your website is finally launched and ready for the world to see! But what’s next? Even though your website is live, your work is not finished. You should be monitoring and updating your website for search engine optimization, ease of use, and general promotion and awareness. The most effective Read More >