What is On-Demand Computing?

On-Demand Computing (ODC) is an enterprise-level delivery model that allows users to easily provision and deprovision cloud resources when needed or “on-demand.” The model, which can be maintained at the user’s organization or through a third-party provider, supports computing demand as it fluctuates.  Create, manage, and optimize large scale deployments easily with our Flex Metal Read More >

What is Keystone?

Keystone is an OpenStack identity service that provides API client authentication, service discovery, and distributed multi-tenant authorization. The service manages user databases as well as OpenStack service catalogs and their API endpoints.  Internal services are grouped within Keystone and are exposed on one or many endpoints. The internal services are used in combination on the Read More >

What is Cinder?

Cinder is the open-source OpenStack block storage software created to provide volumes to OpenStack Compute (Nova) virtual machines, or instances. Cinder virtualizes the management of block storage devices and provides users with an API to request and consume resources without requiring the location or deployment of the resources. Key characteristics of Cinder include its component-based Read More >

What is Neutron?

Neutron is an OpenStack project that provides network connectivity as a service (NaaS) in virtual environments. Neutron allows you to utilize different networking technologies to power your cloud and is managed by other OpenStack services like Nova.  Create, manage, and optimize large scale deployments easily with our Flex Metal Cloud Hosting. Through a powerful API, Read More >

What is vCPU?

Virtual Central Processing Units (vCPUs) represents a share of a physical central processing unit (CPU) that is assigned to a virtual machine. To illustrate the role of vCPUs, a physical server will have CPUs with cores inside each CPU. As it relates to virtualization and the cloud, multiple vCPUs can be assigned to and utilize Read More >

What is Horizon?

Horizon is the execution of the OpenStack dashboard, providing a web-based user interface to OpenStack services like Nova and Keystone. Starting as a single app to manage the OpenStack compute project, Horizon grew to support multiple OpenStack projects and APIs. During its growth and as it continues to grow, the developers of Horizon strive to Read More >